“Digital Advertising” 

The fact that merely every consumers are a digital audience through their mobile device has triggered the demand from marketeers from almost all industries to reach out to their target segment through Digital Advertising.

Our knowledge of mobile and internet ecosystem landscape, combined with understanding of digital consumer behavior, and understanding of advertising industry requirements has convinced us to offer a Digital Advertising Network to add to the ecosystem. Adstars operates as a Premium Digital Advertising Network.

Principally,  our Digital Advertising Service is facing two sides of the ecosystem

1.    Supply Side

  •  Every encounter in digital that generates audience pageviews are considered as advertising space inventory. In this sense, we refer the inventory supplier as publishers. In our system, we aggregate publishers that generate either web inventories or mobile inventories
  • Based on the nature of encounter with their audience, digital publishers in our system could vary from website or mobile site publishers, web or mobile applications developers/publishers, mobile telco operator, mobile device manufacturer,  web or mobile internet browsers provider, up to operating system provider
  • Our different approach has set us out as Premium Ad Network, whereas we don’t aggregate just any publishers. Inventory curation is done by a careful selection of publishers. This is done to ensure the quality of inventories that fit into the requirements from advertisers. By this principal, we have the capability to provide transparency to brands or agencies where their advertising message will be placed.

2.    Demand Side

  • Generally Adstars ultimate clients are Brands, whom could be represented by their Agencies, either Media Specialist Agencies or Creative and Full Service Agencies where we offer four primary services
  • Creative Planning. Various types of inventories from text banner, standard display banner to rich media banner featuring flash animation or video. With contextual feature, creative planner can also plan the call to action of the campaign that leads to various types of interactivity, such as click to call, click to install, etc.
  • Media Planning. Inventories in our system is organised in different channels based on audience demographic, interaction behaviour, content or application type profiling. By this feature, clients are capable of sharper targeting to ensure good Return on Investment.
  • Media Buying. With many publishers served as one network, media buying is done through Adstars with clear rate card.
  • Analytics is critical factor in every advertising campaign. Every dollar spent in advertising must be measured against the set out campaign key performance indicator (KPI) to ensure the return on advertising investment. Adstars provides the comprehensive reports to support the analysis against the campaign KPI.

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