“Celebrity centric community management”

The boom of digital and social media through mobile and internet has changed the landscape of Entertainment Industry. Content sharing behavior amongst audience has disrupted the traditional business model who’s been carried by the entertainment industry, ranging from music publishing and label, book publishings, TV and Print Media, up to movie and photography. Through mobile and internet, audience is now


Addressing this major change of landscape, m-STARS through in dr.m, has a key change of paradigm with the following 3 principals:

  1. The real asset of celebrity is their audience, therefore we focus on developing a celebrity fan community, engaging them and managing them with the right strategy upon the celebrity positioning. Community engagement is conducted through an Online to Offline and vise versa activities. We continuously explore digital online engagement tools such as applications, mobile site, social networking, social game, etc. Combined with promotions through traditional media such as Radio, TV, Print Magazines and Off Air Events, the primary goal of this principal is to continuosly grow the fan base community size.
  2. The work of celebrity is a medium to build an emotional relationship between celebrity and their fans, therefore we do not focus on traditional industry business model where celebrity’s work, i.e song from music artist, is strictly protected from being downloaded or shared for free. With this principal, we release our paradigm from being overly protective to the celebrity work. With our strong access to Indonesian digital audience, dr.m even creates strategy to spread the work in order to enlarge the outreach of potential fans.
  3. Fan base community is a market whereas dr.m develops various creative economy based on a non traditional business model to generate revenue and ensure the celebrities earn royalty income. Commercial Lifestyle Brands who finds these celebrity centric communities fit into their target segment often be part of new business models where through dr.m creative campaign, they can conduct thier integrated marketing campaigns, involving online to offline activations.